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Dunno if this stuff is for you? Maybe try some of these evaluation tools and references?

Regular Mum tries out, apparently, the hardest operating system to use. Well worth the watch!

Someone asking the same question

This is a handy overview of common systems

An easy to read overview of why Linux exists and why it is the way it is.

Linux chooser


How to download and prepare your New Linux OS CD/DVD

How to install VirtualBox to test run a few systems before you commit
What the hell is VirtualBox? A Quick Explaination here

This is fairly simple. Well, not "fairly". It just is.

"What"?, "Where's all the pretty graphics, the flash, and animation"? "What sort of a site is this"?

EEeeerrrr, you really wanna go down the spinning lights and pretty pictures main stream media line with me? It'll hurt! No? Didn't think so now lets be grown ups, put our "Big Boy Pants" on and actually do something useful, wadda ya wreckon?

Are you looking to protect your data, network or provide increased reliability with out the burden of proprietary licenses? Great! You've come to one of the many right places. Maybe have alook at this... YouTube Video of Survelience Explained


You understand that Microsoft is dropping supprt for XP and you don't have the hardware power to run Windows 7 or 8 or you're just looking for an alternative? You can replace your Windows XP system with alternatives that are Free to use, Customise and even have a look at the programing source code, which millions do daily and are just a download and burnt CD away. Did I mention security and these systems really really hard to get virus's to run on? which can be a handy thing :)


Maybe your running MYOB over your network and your one of many that experience degraded performance with multiple users logged in? Locked files? Login failures, requiring users to log out and log back in multiple times throughout the day? This doesn't work when one of the users is not at their workstation, or not in the office at all, which means all users need to know all other users passwords. This is bad! bad! bad! for security There is a solution for this!


Maybe you would just like a few hours of tutorial on how to navigate the internet safely for you and your kids?


You would like to be independent and use your very own DropBox Cloud File Sharing type service. Your service, in your home. You know where it is and who has access! No? So your comfortable with storing your files and information in someone else's garage?


Maybe synchronize your Android phone to your home PC's. You know?... take a photo or video, modify a file and your system automatically updates PC in your home or office. This works wonderfully for site visits/inspections, sales reps, shopping expeditions, family photos etc.

No problem on all of the above. But wait there's more!.. There always is isn't there? I don't use proprietary software! Why? Because no one can get to the underlying programming to determine it's integrity and security. Simple! Your taking someone's word for it that it's "ok" because they say so. yeh right!. You heard of PRISM? A link here and here

This link will get you started on protecting your stuff. Opting out of PRISM, PRISM Break.org

I use open source solutions where practical and possible (In most circumstances) because the underlying programming can and is checked by a multitude of professionals and community members. There is no guarantee. This is impossible to provide. It is just logical that if you acquire a car from mechanic that has been his or her sole form a transport? It's going to work, and work well.

Oh, BTW, to give you an idea of how far personal computing has come and how easy it is to personalise and take control of you own IT requirements? Nearly all my development and productivity work is done on an old Dell Precision M4400 laptop bought online for less than $AU200

And the server driving it is an Old toshiba laptop who's screen has died and is not much good for anything else. I do have another OLD pc running as a media server which is a little more powerful or I would be using it for that :)


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